When will my YouTube order start?

If your song is already out, your order start date will be the nearest Tuesday or Friday that is 48hrs out from your order.

If your song is an upcoming release (and was ordered at least 48hrs in advance), your song will be scheduled to start on your release date (as provided in your order form) or on the nearest Tuesday or Friday if your release is not on a Tuesday, Thursday evening or Friday.

All promo orders for upcoming releases must be placed at least 48 hours in advance of the release date for us to guarantee we can start your promotion on the release date.

When will I hear from you with results?

All orders are completed within 14-35 days of the order start date. (Expect larger sized orders to be on the longer side of this timeline.)

For YouTube orders, we do not touch base with you mid-campaign or post-campaign because, unlike Spotify, YouTube orders do not involve receiving curator feedback. You can access your YouTube results in the analytics section of your YouTube channel that is hosting the video.

What can I do to help share my song?

  1. Share your music on social media in a relational way (story behind the song, do an IG live with cowriters/producer, etc.).
  2. Optimize your YouTube video by putting your artist name and song name in the YouTube title. Put your lyrics in the video description. Add pics, a bio, and social links in your YouTube profile. 

Set your video as “not made for kids” so that people are able to comment on your video (this isn’t available if you say your video is “made for kids”).

Make sure your video does not have any trailers or acting or non-music content.

Get at least 3 friends to comment on your video so that new listeners/viewers will feel more comfortable also commenting.

Any additional questions?

Contact us, and we’ll hit you back within 2-5 business days.


When I log into my account with courage music marketing, it says that my order is “pending.” have you started my order?

Disregard the order status in your Courage Music Marketing account - we will start your promotion at the scheduled time according to your order form. Our website doesn’t currently have the ability to mark a promo as "prepping campaign" or “campaign started,” only "in progress" - it’s a feature we’re currently working to get added to our website so that you have that future convenience.

My video didn’t come out on my release date. What do I do?

No worries! Please notify us using our contact form.

From there, we will start the video promotion once the song is live on the soonest Tuesday or Friday.

When people click my video on YouTube, no one can comment on my video. What should I do?

Edit your video in your YouTube channel, and make sure your video is set to be “not made for kids.” Doing this will re-enable comments to be made on your video.

I haven’t seen many results in my YouTube campaign yet. What’s going on?

If you are not seeing many results yet, it’s likely one of these reasons (in order from most common to least common):

  1. If your campaign has just started in the past 1-2 days, it’s highly likely that your ad is still getting approved. Ads take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 days to get approved, depending on how many are in the advertising platform’s queue for approval. It is highly rare to see explosive results overnight via YouTube promotion unless you are spending promotion on a higher package.
  2. The projections for our YouTube promos according to our YouTube promo into form (https://www.couragestudiosonline.com/youtube-promo-info-full) are averages. With our YouTube promotion, we guarantee that you will reach the bottom portion of the average view count in your purchased YouTube tier. Niche genres typically have a lower yield because there’s naturally a smaller audience for the specific sound.
  3. In certain seasons, there are a lot of people advertising. As a result, bidding for advertising becomes more expensive. As a result, you may get lower views through YouTube promotion during seasons of higher advertising competition (these are commonly around holidays with lots of music releases, such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc.).
  4. The final option is less common, but still does happen: it may be that listeners are skipping your video with a low view rate.

This is typically happens due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The artist has not optimized their video per our recommendations. See “What can I do to help share my song and set it up for success?” for more information on how to optimize your video for success.
  2. It is possible to be marketed specifically to your genre/sub-genre/mood/style, and find that curators like it and add it, yet still a large portion of listeners don’t and choose to skip.

This is uncommon and likely not the reason you aren’t seeing many results yet. However, it can be helpful when this happens so that we can explore how to make your music more widely resonant to prevent skips and increase your engagement for the long haul.


How soon will you start my YouTube promotion?

See “When will my order start?” under YouTube General Questions.

Do you provide reporting of any kind (video views growth, engagement growth, advertising results)?

We don't provide any reporting pre-campaign, mid-campaign, or post-campaign for the following reasons:

  1. YouTube’s reporting in their analytics dashboard is extremely transparent, detailed, and free. Part of how we keep our costs accessible to our clientele by not charging for any “overlapping” services. We don't want to charge people for something they can already get for free.
  2. Many times, a video is growing for reasons outside of our promotion during the time of YouTube promotion. Maybe the artist is touring, or the song got added to a YouTube editorial playlist, or the artist had a viral social media post, etc. Not providing reporting eliminates the possibility of unintentionally falsely claiming credit for the growth of a song.

How is my YouTube video promoted?

Short answer: we run ads for your video.

For more information, visit our YouTube Promo Info page.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

Check out our YouTube Promo Info page.

If you have any other questions,
contact us and we’ll hit you back within 2-5 business days.


What genres do you promote?

We promote all genres and all languages on YouTube.

However, our advertising platform for YouTube promotion does not allow us to promote videos of the following:

  1. Videos with vulgar or violent content (lyrically or visually)
  2. Videos with political content
  3. Videos about medical information

If you’re not sure that your video can be promoted due to the information above, reach out to us at kevin@couragemusicmarketing.com with a link to your video.

After reviewing your song, we will recommend whoever we think we would serve you best, whether that’s us or someone else.

Is it better to concentrate on just a couple tracks and put more money into those, than spread the budget across all 6 tracks?

In general, it’s better to spread your budget across several tracks than to promote with a higher budget on a single song.

However, send your songs to use via our song review form, and we will provide our recommendations as far as budget allocation for your upcoming promotions.

How far out should I schedule my upcoming youtube release?

If your video is already out, we have no recommendations and encourage you to order whenever you’d like.

If your video is not released yet and is specifically in conjunction with an upcoming song release, we recommend releasing your video as a YouTube premiere either the Thursday night prior to your release anytime from 5-9pm EST.

We promote YouTube videos every week on Tuesdays, Thursday evenings (5-9pm EST), and Fridays. (Example: If your song releases on a Sunday, we will promote it on the upcoming Tuesday.)

All promo orders for upcoming releases must be placed at least 48 hours in advance of the release date for us to guarantee we can start your promotion on the release date.

Can I work with another YouTube promoter for the same video you are promoting?

Sure! That's no problem at all.

Are there any hidden fees to hiring you guys (exclusivity, master royalties, etc.)?

No. You keep full ownership of your master share working with us. Our only charge is the upfront 100% cost per song of working with us.

Do you take payment plans for YouTube promotion?

We do not offer payment plans for promotion at this time. If you are on a tight budget, we recommend one of the following:

  1. Promote your song at a lower price amount, then re-promote it later if it performs well and when you have more budget.
  2. Consider delaying your release until you have budget for promotion.

What should I be expecting as far as streaming growth?

As far as framing expectations, you won’t see explosive growth overnight. We’ll likely start to see steady growth of anything between a few hundred to a few thousand views per day (depending on what sized YouTube package you chose).

Will I receive updates mid-campaign or post-campaign?

We do not touch base mid-campaign.

Additionally, we do not touch base for YouTube campaigns post-campaign.

The results from your YouTube campaign can be accessed at your discretion through the analytics tab of your YouTube artist page at analytics.youtube.com.

Do you need any other information from me that is not in the order form?

No. As long as you filled out everything accurately and completely in the order form, we should be good to go!


I’d like to do another promotion. How do I go about doing so?

We’re pleased to serve you! For YouTube, we don’t need to review your song prior to ordering. You can go ahead and purchase another promotion right here.

What should I expect from this point as far as streaming growth?

See question “What should I be expecting as far as streaming growth?” under YouTube Pre-Promo questions for more information.

What should I do from this point for continued growth?

Our recommendation is to continue investing in 4 places:

  1. Outsourcing your scaling/promotions
  2. Invest in higher quality products (better productions/mixes/masters)
  3. Invest in coaches (voice/songwriting/business coaches)
  4. Engage your audience (social media, touring, etc.) and your allies (co-writing, social media, digital and in-person communities, etc.)

If you need any suggestions for new producers or coaches, you can fill out our form here to get our shortlist sent to your email.

Additionally, if you would like coaching with Kevin, you can fill out an application form here.

How can I refer someone to you?

Feel free to connect your friend or colleague with us using our contact form. From there, we’ll schedule a call with them to get to know them and help them make a game plan for their song!